The Region of Murcia proves that the development of sustainable, efficient, and environmentally-friendly agriculture is possible.

The Region of Murcia is synonymous with water purification and reuse, as for these lands it is a need and a firm commitment.
Water reuse allows the region to make the most of this resource, and thanks to it, now it is considered an example of a circular economy and environmental commitment.

In addition, a meticulous technical process is followed and goes beyond the requirements provided by the European Policy and Regulations.

Within the 2030 Strategy, the Region of Murcia is committed to reducing plastics in its production processes, reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 25%, and reducing greenhouse gases by 40% before 2030.

Terra Agrícola is committed to the environment and does not use traditional plastic containers, as these have an extreme ecological impact. Instead, we use new plastic materials that have more sustainable characteristics. In addition, in recent years we have bet enormously on the distribution of bulk products. In this way, we contribute to creating an environment with less waste. As fruits and vegetables have their own natural packaging, at Terra Agrícola we take action.